Thursday, April 8, 2010

My day

Just passed my birthday, and this year was the most awesome celebrations I had!
I got 4 celebrations for my 19 years old birthday,

FIRST, My mom bought a YAM ice cream cake a week before my day
SECOND, friends bought a MANGO ice cream cake to celebrate mine with another buddy
THIRD, they bought a SPECIAL cake and surprise me on that day
FORTH, dudes celebrate again at that night with a CAPPUCINO cake

I like the THIRD, it is because that really surprised me,
can say as I cheated by some of them -.- hahaas
I like the SPECIAL cake, cause others would not take that as a cake? lols
is was just so special and tasty ya, yam yam ~ xD
Enjoyed on my day and cant forgot it lols
What can I say? Thanks.. Thanks and Thankss for you all
Exams coming soon, hope all of us
can get flying colours in the FINAL~

This is the special cake xD (Nando's Chicken Cake)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

放生 9仔 ( 狗仔 )

Is almost a week that we let her out from home

I still remembered that how she came.
A Saturday before our CNY,
after went back from basketball court, and I just saw her.
Yes, I admit that I'm afraid of doggy,
but not a puppy! Cause that puppy was just so cute!

My Mom said got some anties took out their phone,
and captured that puppy's pictures beside the road.
Dad said he saw this puppy run on the road,
and almost bang by cars.
Then, she saw my dad, and run toward him
and that whys my dad wanna to keep her.
Cause chinese people believe that 自来狗
was a good thing and will bring lucks.
One day, my mom asked me to set a name for her,
and I said I'll named her as "9仔"~!!
HK have a 7仔, and I named her as my 9仔

I admit that 9仔 was a very naughty dog.
She bite the air-cond's wires, 'gali' my mom's flowers,
make the floor full of the soils and pipes.
My parents wanna to let 9仔 run out from home,
but I said I wanna to keep her at the first time.

Everyone said that 9仔 was a very nice dog,
even thought some of them is just driving pass by.
I still remember, when I tie her with my bikes,
and I wanna take the ALPO (dog's biscuits) to feed her,
she sure will bark and became superb hyper-active.
Jump here and jump there, like trying to say:
"faster~ faster! I'm very hungry now" lols

I like to play with 9仔 when I'm really free and nothing to do,
sometimes, I bring her out to make business (shitting),
and sometimes she run when I run.
9仔 likes to lick people's toes. That her hobby!
Another hobby of her is she very like to eat tissues,
we will pull her away from tissues to avoid she eating it.
I like to 'sayang' her, her skin is just soft and comfort.
She looks very enjoyed when we rub her skin, hahas

Last Tuesday,
before my mom drive me to station for take train to college,
mom said that she wanna take 9仔 to put at playground there.
She said she tired of cleaning 9仔's 黄金, splashing the floor.
I have no time to always bring her out to make business,
because of college, and 9仔 always make her business at midnight.
Mom ask me to go out earlier, and asked me to drive.
She the one holding 9仔 at the back seat.
When arrive the playground, mom just leave her beside of a row of houses,
then we going to station for take the train to college.

人, 终是要等到失去是才会想要去珍惜,
在火车上的我, 没有百滴眼泪也有十滴吧!
Thinking back of 9仔, many many regrets in heart.
REGRET that I didn't seriously take care of 9仔
REGRET that I didn't bath 9仔 once before
REGRET that I didn't took 9仔's photos as many as can.
that day, my mood was so down and down.

After finish my class,
mom coming back station to fetch me home,
I asked to visit 9仔 at the playground.
Mom said after send me to the station in the morning,
she got went back to look her, and she was still there.
But in the afternoon, she said when she lunch with my brother,
she went there again and cannot find 9仔.
I keep thinking that people had caught her,
and maybe damaged her, all is just those negative things.
We keep U-turning at the playground to looking for 9仔,
finally 9仔 moved up her neck from the grass in front of a house.
She is still there, and make me feel like she is waiting us to take her back.
But mom don't allow to make this happens,
she said
That night, the sky is raining heavily,
I just can hope that 9仔 can hide at somewhere that won't kena the rains.

At the 2nd day, after my college also,
my mom asked me to go looking for 9仔.
We cant find her that day, and I thinking negatives again.
At the 3rd day, after my college also,
same, but this time is I asked my mom to go looking for 9仔,
just hope that can saw her, cause if not, means 9仔 is really not there anymore.
Finally, we saw 9仔 playing with a girl kid, and her Indonesian maid.
The scene is just very peacefully for me,
9仔 chasing the main in the house and the kid is laughing.
At least we know that 9仔 have her new owner and was a friendly family.
Her new family is the house that we left her on at Tuesday that day,
that means 9仔 was not going to anywhere and keep waiting us to take her back.
That was what I thinking in my mind.

Everyday after i came back from college,
I will take up my legs, and play with 9仔.
She will trying to bite and lick my shoes,
even thought she was tied at aside of my house.
For now, after I came back from college,
take off my shoes, put aside, and just walked in the house.

I keep thinking that,
if that day we didn't let 9仔 out,
the peaceful scene maybe is 9仔 with my mom and me.
She just a lucky puppy.
I wish I could have more time,
and I swear that I'll go to visit 9仔 when free.
I swear that.
Just hope that she still can recognize who am I,
that is just enough for me.

miss you...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moment Of Life

虽然环境不是那么的高级 食物不是那么的有味
但我觉得我们一块儿在一起 还是那么的 好笑又好玩
这还真让我想回到过去 中五的回忆

这运动嘛 总是会有输赢两者
还好运气还算不错 赢了一点小饭吃 :P

This sentence means a lot in our life...
Between these years
not everything is perfect and nice
sometimes it will appears some bad treats

Just got our salaries from Galaxy
This time the salaries delayed for two months
Everyone is asking and asking
It was out FINALLY!!!
Of course everyone is unhappy and dissapointed
because we worked hard under the hot sun and rain
and the salaries is just NORMAL
Today I just mentioned about something that my friend remind me
last time they said GUY A not pay full salaries to us
then now every time is just the same salaries too from company
Is that means up level management not pay full salaries to us too?

Now, I as a Leader of Galaxy
that feel that why I am a Leader
just because company wanted to lock me up
and don't wanna me help others event company to work
beside that, I become the middle man
between company and my dearly friends that as a part-timer
yeah, they sure will asking common questions like...
"When the salaries out?"
"How much we got for our salaries?"
and I will always answer them...
"I also don't know... Just wait -.-"
"I only can say that minimum RM60 per day"
but what is in my mind is...
"Galaxy sure pay RM60 for you guys"
for a Leader salaries, is just more RM10 per day
which included 1 or 2 days meetings and calling
who and what called a "Leader"
Just a name to me...

Ya, I admitted that I asking my friends to work
sometimes is wanna have fun with them
and wanna they accompany me when working
but for now...
I got another part time jobs with my friends too
and the salaries is quite good which pay in day
I wanna to continue for the company
is just because something attracting me xD
after that...
I'm not sure anymore @@

Monday, November 9, 2009


Feel this sentence so nice
and suit me ^^

潮爆 's designed is an idea from Hallowoon,
and the LOGO is:
black and white
creditor: CHIU BAO mui, Hwa

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Friends :D

Friends are like sand, why I will say that is because friends are everywhere,
Do you all agree with me? hahas.... hope so xD

But BEST FRIEND is hard to find from those sands...
what I means was maybe 10 of the sands is your BEST FRIENDs,
but if more than 10, I think "BEST FRIEND" is no longer suitable for them. xD
Can say as BEST FRIEND are rare, maybe need some period of time only found that..
And I found mine, I'll always joking with them, hanging out with them too ^^

ya, I admit that I sometimes will bring lots of problem to them,
because always need them to fetch me go here and there, really so ANNOYING xD
I'm sorry for that :P

I totally agree SOMEONE's opinions,
respect to others before people respect you ^^
this sentence was so meaningful and useful in our life..

I very appreciate my BEST FRIEND and my friends,
hope you all will do the same as me xD

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy Birthday Daddy

My dad passed his birthday just now.
This was the first time we celebrate together.
I and my brothers bought a SECRET's cake for him.

Just a simple celebrations


Today went for karaoke with some friends at Neway, Puchong.
We sang from 1pm until 7pm, all of us also no sound to sing anymore.

[ Xiaowen ChuanJoo Zhewei ]in da house

[ Me KaeJiun ] in da house

still got 2 more humans in da house
they are~ TsuMing and KangNian