Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moment Of Life

虽然环境不是那么的高级 食物不是那么的有味
但我觉得我们一块儿在一起 还是那么的 好笑又好玩
这还真让我想回到过去 中五的回忆

这运动嘛 总是会有输赢两者
还好运气还算不错 赢了一点小饭吃 :P

This sentence means a lot in our life...
Between these years
not everything is perfect and nice
sometimes it will appears some bad treats

Just got our salaries from Galaxy
This time the salaries delayed for two months
Everyone is asking and asking
It was out FINALLY!!!
Of course everyone is unhappy and dissapointed
because we worked hard under the hot sun and rain
and the salaries is just NORMAL
Today I just mentioned about something that my friend remind me
last time they said GUY A not pay full salaries to us
then now every time is just the same salaries too from company
Is that means up level management not pay full salaries to us too?

Now, I as a Leader of Galaxy
that feel that why I am a Leader
just because company wanted to lock me up
and don't wanna me help others event company to work
beside that, I become the middle man
between company and my dearly friends that as a part-timer
yeah, they sure will asking common questions like...
"When the salaries out?"
"How much we got for our salaries?"
and I will always answer them...
"I also don't know... Just wait -.-"
"I only can say that minimum RM60 per day"
but what is in my mind is...
"Galaxy sure pay RM60 for you guys"
for a Leader salaries, is just more RM10 per day
which included 1 or 2 days meetings and calling
who and what called a "Leader"
Just a name to me...

Ya, I admitted that I asking my friends to work
sometimes is wanna have fun with them
and wanna they accompany me when working
but for now...
I got another part time jobs with my friends too
and the salaries is quite good which pay in day
I wanna to continue for the company
is just because something attracting me xD
after that...
I'm not sure anymore @@

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