Thursday, April 8, 2010

My day

Just passed my birthday, and this year was the most awesome celebrations I had!
I got 4 celebrations for my 19 years old birthday,

FIRST, My mom bought a YAM ice cream cake a week before my day
SECOND, friends bought a MANGO ice cream cake to celebrate mine with another buddy
THIRD, they bought a SPECIAL cake and surprise me on that day
FORTH, dudes celebrate again at that night with a CAPPUCINO cake

I like the THIRD, it is because that really surprised me,
can say as I cheated by some of them -.- hahaas
I like the SPECIAL cake, cause others would not take that as a cake? lols
is was just so special and tasty ya, yam yam ~ xD
Enjoyed on my day and cant forgot it lols
What can I say? Thanks.. Thanks and Thankss for you all
Exams coming soon, hope all of us
can get flying colours in the FINAL~

This is the special cake xD (Nando's Chicken Cake)

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