Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Friends :D

Friends are like sand, why I will say that is because friends are everywhere,
Do you all agree with me? hahas.... hope so xD

But BEST FRIEND is hard to find from those sands...
what I means was maybe 10 of the sands is your BEST FRIENDs,
but if more than 10, I think "BEST FRIEND" is no longer suitable for them. xD
Can say as BEST FRIEND are rare, maybe need some period of time only found that..
And I found mine, I'll always joking with them, hanging out with them too ^^

ya, I admit that I sometimes will bring lots of problem to them,
because always need them to fetch me go here and there, really so ANNOYING xD
I'm sorry for that :P

I totally agree SOMEONE's opinions,
respect to others before people respect you ^^
this sentence was so meaningful and useful in our life..

I very appreciate my BEST FRIEND and my friends,
hope you all will do the same as me xD

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