Monday, November 9, 2009


Feel this sentence so nice
and suit me ^^

潮爆 's designed is an idea from Hallowoon,
and the LOGO is:
black and white
creditor: CHIU BAO mui, Hwa

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Friends :D

Friends are like sand, why I will say that is because friends are everywhere,
Do you all agree with me? hahas.... hope so xD

But BEST FRIEND is hard to find from those sands...
what I means was maybe 10 of the sands is your BEST FRIENDs,
but if more than 10, I think "BEST FRIEND" is no longer suitable for them. xD
Can say as BEST FRIEND are rare, maybe need some period of time only found that..
And I found mine, I'll always joking with them, hanging out with them too ^^

ya, I admit that I sometimes will bring lots of problem to them,
because always need them to fetch me go here and there, really so ANNOYING xD
I'm sorry for that :P

I totally agree SOMEONE's opinions,
respect to others before people respect you ^^
this sentence was so meaningful and useful in our life..

I very appreciate my BEST FRIEND and my friends,
hope you all will do the same as me xD

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy Birthday Daddy

My dad passed his birthday just now.
This was the first time we celebrate together.
I and my brothers bought a SECRET's cake for him.

Just a simple celebrations


Today went for karaoke with some friends at Neway, Puchong.
We sang from 1pm until 7pm, all of us also no sound to sing anymore.

[ Xiaowen ChuanJoo Zhewei ]in da house

[ Me KaeJiun ] in da house

still got 2 more humans in da house
they are~ TsuMing and KangNian

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, 21yrs' Bro

Happy Birthday to my elder brother, Ivan.
Finally he was 21 years old start from today,
last week celebrated his 21yrs party.
So, today I guess nothing special also haha..
Just wish him GOOD LUCK and stay HEALTHY from now.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shabu Day

26/9 - Went dinner with few of my friends, Joo, Yuan, Long, Nian, and Jing. Guess what, all of us is also from the same class in secondary school, 5A8. Although this was not a PERFECT gathering of 5A8 because just have few of us. Shabu-shabu need to have total of 6 people for a booked table and we are totally the 6 people. Apologize that cannot invite someone anymore atleast have another 6 person, sorry...

This is my first time to have my dinner in Shabu-shabu and was a amazing experience! The service was perfectly and the situation was so nice and enjoy. All of us was very full after the buffet steamboat.

[ Jing, Long, Me, Nian ]

The Boys
[ Me, Long, Nian, Yuan, Joo ]

Friday, September 25, 2009

Arthur Day

Guiness Stout 250 years history [ 1759 - 2009 ]

Just back from the celebration
BEP is very rocks!!!
At last, take up yours beer and say,
" To Arthur~!!! "

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bro's 21st celebrations party

My mom was a babysitter last time. She take care of my 2 cousins few years ago.
They came to overnight at here last few days,
cause her mom, means my aunt helping my mom in kitchen :P
Thanks to her for helping my mom in the kitchen.
If not, my mom wont able to cook these much by herself.

homemade buffet by my mom and aunt
Just those satays & PIG are order from outside

as they said my mom's meehoon is delicious since last time
~* meehoon & meesiang *~

WuKong with its cloud everyone know it
but, Mashi-Maro with its cloud see before?
[my sousin sista's toys] xD

I failed to snap the whole PIG picture bcause when I try to snap the photos,
the PIG was chopped to pieces by that guy -.-
Thanks for the birthday fruit cake dudes!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Movie Time~!!!

Today was the 3rd day of holidays in our sem-break. My friends and I went to MidValley to have this movie together. The movie not really very nice but still enjoyed watched with them.


Happy Birthday ~ Wenise - 15th Sept

Happy Birthday to our classmate, miss Ng Wern Yi aka "Wenise Ng"

My college friends and I went sing K and celebrate our Wenise's 18 birthday

We went for Final Destination at GSC Times Square after finished sing K

Enjoyed and had fun with them.